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Some common questions that we get asked, apart from where do we get our good looks from!

How do I store my products?

To best protect your product, store in a dry cool place or in the fridge and consume within 7 days of opening. If opened and it’s been past 7 days then place in freezer for consumption later

Any hot tips on how to store my beef jerky?

We recommend to store in an airtight container if placing in the freezer for another day past the 7 days of opening product. Frozen product will last up to 12 months. Times can differ depending on storage conditions. Take good care of your jerky! When defrosted consume within 1-2 days and DO NOT refreeze.

Where does our beef come from?

Our expert meat selection is sourced from some of the best pastures across Australia and from our local producers in Queensland. All our products are made in our purpose built facility on Brisbane’s northside in Queensland, Australia.

who prepares our jerky?

Our beef jerky is prepared exclusively by our master butchers / jerky specialist at our Butchermans HQ located in Queensland. To ensure the best quality meat is used our master butchers select only the best cuts. Our preparation areas and hygiene practices strictly meets industry standards.

are we gluten free?

Our beef jerky may unknowingly contain traces of gluten in the soy sauce and spices. However we have had our products tested with no gluten being detected. Please read the information provided on all packaging and take advise from these separately as the may differ.

do we use msg?

Heck NO! And never will!

where can I BUY butchermans beef jerky?

Check out our stockist page for some of our stockists. If your interested in becoming a stockist give us a call or drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you! We are also available overseas and expanding our sales channels daily.


We are proud supporters of men’s mental health and love it when Movember rocks around!
We are also proud supporters of various local charities within our area.


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